About SPCC

SPCC was formed by Chris VK3FY and Russell VK3EZ from humble beginnings in the early 1980’s.

The idea came from the entering the ALL Asia Contest CW back in 1984. Chris VK3FY, Russell VK3EZ and Mirek VK6DXI (SK) entered the contest, with Mirek being on the runner station and Chris and Russell manning the multiplier station. The final outcome was that VK3EZ came first in the world for the category they had entered.

The start of SPCC was effectively formulated from that early foray into Multi-Op Contesting. Many a contest was entered either using VK3EZ or VK3FY.

It was at this time that both Chris and Russell, came up with the idea of obtaining a Club Licence to allow one call to be used during contests.

The beginning of SPCC VK3HF as born back in 1985.

SPCC was the first contest club to be affiliated with the WIA.

Chris and Russell, bought Runamuk Farm – Green Hill a 40 acre property back in 1996 and have been busy establishing an Olive Grove and also they have been adding to their contest station over the years.

It is expected that the station will still take a number of years to complete.

Chris and Russell and their guest operators look forward to exchanging reports with you in the future.

Chris de VK3FY